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Booth Pricing, Size and Location

Booths are 10½’ x 10½’ at $145.00 each. We also have a few booths that are 10½’ x 15½’at $220.00 each. The show is located on Main Street, Angela Street, and Abbie Street, between Main and First Streets. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Setup and Parking

The show will be open at 4:00AM, for dealer set up. We will issue a Booth Pass and a Parking Pass. The Booth Pass should be kept with you, in case of a dispute over your booth with another vendor. The Parking Pass should be left in your car, in a visible place (from the outside looking), in case your car is blocking a business, or an emergency arises, so we can locate you. There will be absolutely no parking of vehicles in the show area, other than for loading or unloading.

Seller's Parking will be available on any side streets off Main Street, Angela Street, or Abbie Street. Parking also will be available on Peters or First Streets, one block East and West of Main Street.

We will monitor load-in and load-out at the show. We'll issue an admit ID which will allow you through the street barriers onto the show area. Your pass will be taken when you enter. We cannot allow vehicles to crowd the booth areas while dealers are loading in or out.

If you require a handicapped parking space, please call and let us know, so we can accommodate your needs.


The city Fire Department requires a strict 16” fire lane on these streets. Dealers must remain within the boundaries of their booths. Dealers must clean up before leaving. There will be a clean-up charge, for those who violate this rule. Trash receptacles will be available.

Please call or email, if you need any additional information or clarification not covered here, or in our Seller’s Rules.


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Seller Downloads

Adobe PDF Faire Booth Layout

Adobe PDF Seller's Booth Application and Rules

Need More Information?

Contact Jerry Goldman at (510) 385-6212, or email .

Mailing Address

Turn Key Show Productions
1745 Reyes Lane
Tracy, CA 95376
(510) 385-6212